Postcards from the world

Postcards from the world
Interactive exhibition

July 11th - 19th 2020

6:00 / 9:30 p.m.

Postcards from the world was born from a trip around the world starting and ending on the island of Salina. It is an interactive exhibition that involves and makes participants dream. Its main feature is dynamism.

In fact, the artistic element detaches itself from the support and even from the subject of the images to move to a higher aThe visitors will walk along a path marked by anonymous hanging photos. Then, they will guess the places where they believe the photos were taken and write them on the available form. Therefore, they will not simply observe an artistic work, but will interact with it in an active way by expanding the two-dimensional image of the postcard, digging memories and associating the peculiarities of the landscapes with a certain area of ​​the world. It is not necessary to know the exact place portrayed in the photos; the observer can also choose to indicate only the generic location that the image brings to his or her mind.

In doing so, the author interacts directly with the viewer. After the exhibition, participants will be asked to reflect on their experience with questions like: how many times when travelling to places far from home, do we say "this reminds me of that” or “the world is so similar”. How many people will exchange similar places with each other?

The person who scores the most points will receive a print on canvas of a photo taken in Salina. The question of who will win will come down to a matter of which is more enriching - recognizing more cities or developing an extraodrinary fantasy?

Astrid Mirabito
the curator of the exhibition

Astrid Mirabito is a 25-year-old from Salina who left the island to pursue her education in art, literature and culture, as well as follow her dream to travel. In the past five years, her passion for travel has taken her around the world- she has lived in Italy, Spain, England, France and Argentina. Additionally, she speaks five languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French, and Catalan. She holds three degrees: bachelor’s degree in Languages, Culture, Literature, Translation, master's degree in Economics and Management of Arts and cultural activities and specialization in Gestión Cultural y Políticas Culturales.

Passionate about literature and art, she enjoys visiting museums and embracing the culture and art that the museums and people share with her along the way. Although she loves photography, she has never taken a course nor does she have a professional camera. Therefore, she does not define herself as a photographer: “I simply photograph to capture the feeling that makes me feel alive most in the world - and share it with those who I care about: the emotion of seeing a new place for the first time. I dream of always being able to observe everything with new eyes, like those of a child, like those of the Little Prince. Only in this way I can come back home, to Salina, and rediscover it in all its beauty.”


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6:00 - 9:30 p.m.


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