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To enrich the cultural offering which Palazzo Marchetti is already committed to, The Associazione Didime ’90 has in mind an ambitious project that reinforces the existing historic vocation of the island towards the cinema: the construction of a new cinema-auditorium with a capacity of 200 seats, situated in the area outside the Palazzo. An innovative building, technically advanced, with available space not only for those who love the theatre, but also for courses designed in collaboration with Italian and international schools of music, cinema and direction, even in periods of the year outside the main tourist season. In order to carry out the cinema- auditorium project and cover the costs of construction ( estimated at 500,000.00 Euro ) it has created a crowd-funding platform based on donations, in order to give the opportunity to friends of Salina, to those passionate about the theatre and to those who become interested, to be able to make their contribution to the project.

Bic/Swift: BPVIIT3T
Italian Bank account code: IT22 V051 3282 2708 6157 0354 997
Bank Account Holder: Didime '90, via Conti n. 28 98050 Malfa (ME)
Bank: Banca Nuova Agenzia di Malfa

We support the project

  • Maria Grazia Cucinotta

    Help us to build the cine-auditorium in Salina, a natural set for the cinema

  • Daniel Speck

    Daniel Speck tells us about story and art, music anc cinema in Salina

  • Noa

    Noa supports the project to make Salina the Culture and Musical capital in the Mediterranean sea